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    Multi-homing storage manager, patch manager and virtualisation manager



      hi all


      mad question, but not the easiest to find and answer for without going to SW for help...  so starting here...


      i have recently added patch manager, virtualisation manager and storage manager to my list of SolarWinds purchases.  they are not installed yet....    i use the suite of tools centrally, to monitor and manage customers remotely over lines, VPNs etc...    the question is, with these tools, i need a local presence on the customer site as it is a big one, and these tools are a little different to what I am used to with the NPM suite.


      so, question...


      - in my central data centre, I will install the parent storage manager, virtualisation manager and patch manager.  I want to install a server into the customer (an VM) but I do not want to install 3 server VMs.  Is there a remote collector agent for virtualisation and storage manager products?  If so, can they both be installed onto the same windows server?  and then, can both of those be installed onto a Patch manager application/automation role server?


      Cheers guys