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    Migrated volumes still appear on previous server

    Fred Lipton

      We migrated a slew of volumes from a couple of older Sun servers to a newer Sun server [all use the net-snmp stack].  A re-scan [list resources] of the newer server included the migrated volumes; re-scans of the older server the volumes no longer appear as a listed resource but the node page for the servers still have the volumes.  I've checked with our Sun folks, they've assured me the data files and volumes have indeed been removed from the older boxes and fully migrated to the new box.


      I would not be surprised to find this unique to Sun/Solaris but think it unlikely to be a Solaris cause.  I don't want to remove and re-add the server if that means losing the historical data.  Is there a another way to correct the readings or a work-around to remove the falsely reported volumes?


      Orion Core 2012.1.0, SAM 5.0.1, IPAM 3.0, NCM 7.0.2, NPM 10.3, NTA 3.9.0, IVIM 1.3.0 on Win08R2/64