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    2 issues, an enhancement and a question with Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor


      Maybe should not complain about a free tool, but if you don't ask, you don't get.


      1. A graph only shows 45 minutes and 27 seconds of data when the "Limit the chart data by time" is set to 60 minutes

      i,e, 12:52:13 -> 13:37:40


      2. The graph shows calculation spikes that appear to be incorrect when the actual poll time is different than the configured poll time. I verified this by running the tool on 2 different PCs polling the same interface. The poller that shows the "normal" use is on 5 second polls for that time period and the one with the spikes shows "unusual" poll times. The interface is strictly running video conferencing which presents a reasonably stable bandwidth use. What I see on the graph is a unusually high spike followed by a really low spike (or vice versa) and looking at the times on the graph they are not on the usual 5 second alignment. This appears to be a calculation issue.


      3. For the enhancement, the "Unable to communicate with host - Timeout" error message would be more useful if it was more obvious. Yes it is red, but at least on my system the font is so weak, that I repeatedly miss it. The blank space on the graph is what catches my eye.


      4. The question is: I have the logging set to verbose but cannot find the logging file. The Solarwinds/Logging folder has info on the TFTP server but not from this app. Anyone know where the logging file is?