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    Specific Instructions for Deploying Microsoft Hotfix?


      I've read in another discussion that someone has accomplished deploying a Microsoft Hotfix ("New Microsoft Standalone Package in Windows 7/2008 - when will there be support?"); however I'm still having trouble figuring out some of the details.  Here is an excerpt from that discussion, with my questions below:


      We dont directly support MSUs in the package editor, however it can be done.

      In the package editor, you have to create a custom package (exe type).

      The program that you want to run is pkgmgr.exe

      You will need to take the extraction from the MSU (see MS link below for how to do this) and add them as additional files in the EW package editor for the custom package.

      You must also packageboot enable the package and setup the package to execute the native windows pkgmgr.exe program that is in the windows system directory on Windows Vista/2008 and later.

      Here is an article that talks about the MS specific part...




      1. "The program that you want to run is pkgmgr.exe."  Since you want to run this file from the native system32 folder on the target, do you specify that location as the Package, or do you specify that location inside of Package Boot as the Apply package?  If Package Boot, what goes in the Package field on the main Select Package screen before you go into Package Boot?  A support engineer mentioned the possiblity of just putting cmd.exe as a pseudo package.  I guess I still don't understand the fundamentals of using Package Boot.
      2. Would the command line parameters be like: %systemroot%/system32/pkgmgr.exe /n:Windows6.0-KB934307-x86.xml ?