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    Report Writer: APC UPS Battery Date Comparison


      The goal: Create a report that will show APC UPS's with a battery date older than 3 years.


      Why: We would like to keep track of aging equipment and be able to see which UPS's should have their battery replaced before the battery replace indicator goes off.


      I am currently using Universal Device Polling to get the "upsBasicBatteryLastReplaceDate" field on a report, which shows up in this format: mm/dd/yy


      Does anyone know of a way to compare this field to the current date and filter to ONLY show batteries that are older than 3 years?



      I would also be interested in doing the same thing with the manufacturer date, to get a report of replacing the entire unit after 6 years. But if the above problem is solved, it would be trivial to apply the same idea to this one too.