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    How to recover ipmonitor credentials ?




      I have a lot of credentials for monitoring in ipmonitor. I need to recover login and password for them. Is it possible ? How to do that ?


      I found 'id.x' file, where "id" is id of credential. I found these id in '.xml' export file. But '.x' file are crypted. Is there any way to recover login and password ?

      Thanks a lot !



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          Yes, go the computer where you've installed ipMonitor and re-run the Configuration Wizard (Start > SolarWinds ipMonitor > Configure ipMonitor).  This wizard will allow you to create a new Admin account.

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            mark wiggans

            Try this:

            1. Log in to ipMonitor's Administration web interface.

            2. Click the Security menu option, and then select Credentials Manager.

            3. For each Credential:

            1. Click on the Credential's name to arrive at its settings.
            2. Click the Reinitialize button located on the second row of the top navigation menu.
            3. Within the Sensitive Data section, click the Enable... buttons to re-enter the Username and Password.
            4. Click OK to save your changes.


            If Reinitializing them does not work try the following KB steps.

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                Hi Mark, thank you for your help.


                I know how to change or reinitialize a credential. The point is I can't do that, because these credentials are used to monitore some websites or databse. And I can't ask web admin or database admin to change credential on website or database.


                Credentials from "credentials list" on ipmon was created by people wich no longer works in the company. Do you understand my problem ? It's a pain for me...


                I just want to recover my credentials, I mean : what user is used ? And what password is it ? But the point is : I can't change credential.


                Thank you !

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                    Hi Juluss,


                    The XML files within the \ipmonitor\config\cred\ directory do not contain any login information.  All login information is stored within the following file:




                    This file is encrypted for your security and cannot be used on any system other than the one it was originally created on.


                    Having that said, there is only one way to restore your credentials if your ipMonitor installation has moved to a different system.  The steps are found within the following article:




                    Simply use steps 6-11.


                    If your ipMonitor installation has not moved to a different computer, you should be able to simply restore the credentials.db file.


                    Hopefully this answers your question.




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