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    Zero Percent (what circuits are NOT being used...)


      Hello all!  I have been tooling around in my report writer all morning trying to create a report using the details from custom properties to essentially show which circuits have less than 3% utilization for 7 days and then 30 days.  Since I'm the SW admin where I am, I apparently inherited the report guy.  So this was just handed to me to figure out.


      Sounds simple, eh?  It's not.  I'm struggling.


      I know all of my nodes are broken down in custom properies by MPLS-Router or Router, and my interfaces are all single T1 Serial or bundled Mu's.  I know what to select, but I don't know how to format the report.  Can anyone get me pointed in the right direction?


      Thank you so much!


      ( I almost need to create the opposite of a 95% percentile report, I want the under used circuits to assist us in rightsizing, but I can't reverse engineer what that report has out of the box)