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    List of old releases


      Hi, and sorry for disturbing you with a subject that might not be completely relevant here, but this is the closes Forum I could find.

      I have desperately been searching the Internet for a 'Release History'  list with dates. But with no success.


      I am working with in the field of 'SAM'.

      I 'identify' software applications found on customers PCs. And at the momentt I am looking at Solarwinds Enginers Toolset and Solarwinds Engineers Edition.

      I need to place them in a structure (hierarchy) with Release dates for the various versions and End of Support life and Win 7 compatibility, so that our customers can look up this in our database.


      However, this is rather difficult with these solarwinds applications.

      FX. SolarWinds Engineers Edition 2002. I cannot find any indication of release date for this one. I have come as far as believing it might be equal to version 5.2, but I am not certain.

      SolarWinds Engineers Edition 2001: is this one equal to 5.0?


      I cannot find any signs of Solarwinds Engineers xx existing prior to 2001. Is this correct?


      This product is really a hard nut to crack.

      Can any of you help me please?