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    Create a desc. view of all interfaces on node


      Here goes nothing -


      This is my first post on the thwack community forums, if this is in the wrong spot, I apologize. I'm looking to create a view within Oriorn that would provide the same info as within the CLI on IOS for "sho Int desc". The info shown is in column format of Interface, Status, Protocol, Description. I'm looking to create a view and add it to one of our problem nodes.


      Could someone assist in pointing me to a CBT, or be gracious enough to walk me through the steps to create this view.


      More than appreciate any feedback\ assistance possible.




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          Zak Kahl



          Here is my recommendation.  You can make this pretty close the the "show interface description" output.  Below are the high level steps, let me know if you need more detail.


          1. Use report writer to build a report that shows the interface information you are looking for.  I think you will need Node Name, Interface ID, Status, and interface caption.  You may want to add more.
          2. Make a new view or customize a current view and add "Report from Orion Report Writer" to a column.
          3. Edit that resource and select the report you created.


          You may need to tweak your column width to fit the new report you want to display.


          Zak Kahl

          Loop1 Systems