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    Eaton UPS - Custom Alerts using OID's




      I am trying to figure out how to configure a custom poller for my Eaton UPS's.  I already have the one listed here on the website, but it does not have the poller's that I want.


      I want a poller that I can use to check new alerts on the UPS: UPS on Battery, UPS Battery Low, and UPS in Bypass.


      I did an SNMP walk on the UPS already but I am confused on how to build this.  I have included the SNMP walk that I did.  I also downloaded and looked at other xups MIBS, they had what I wanted but I don't see the OID's in there that would help me build the custom Poller.


      Is there someone out there that could help?  I just need to know how to integrate this into the attached MGE UPS.UnDP file or how to build this darn thing.  I am new at doing this stuff.