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    How-To - Interface availability




      I'm struggling on this one.  How are you monitoring this type of set-up?  I have NPM, NCM, SAM, IPAM, IP SLA, and NTA installed, and can use any/all for this.


      Fact 1:  Remote site with MPLS as primary connection to data center (using BGP, no GRE tunnel)

      Fact 2:  Same site has DSL or cable modem for direct Internet access (default route)

      Fact 3:  Same site is also using the Internet connection as a back connection to the data center (using DMVPN)

      Fact 4:  Same site is using the MPLS connection to the data center as the Internet backup


      What do I need:


      1.  Availability monitoring and outage alerts for both router interfaces

      2.  Monthly interface availability report with bandwith utilization stats for both interfaces


      Here's the situation I'm having:


      1.  If the MPLS is acually down/down, I get an interface outage alert (no issue)

      2.  If the Internet connection is down/down, I get an interface outage alert (no issue)

      3.  If the site loses power, I get 2 interface outage alerts (no issue)

      4.  If either connection is up/up, but routing is down for some reason, I never get alerted because Orion can use the secondary route to pull data from the router.  The route is down, but the router polls look fine


      I've seen posting about syslog and event monitoring, but all of that requires custom SQL code, and let's face, I'm a network engineer, not a SQL DBA.  Which brings me to the reporting I need.  There is an interface availability report, but it includes all the interfaces for every single monitored device in NPM, I only need a report (that includes bandwidth utilization) for a select few devices.  However, the report is custom SQL, and we come back to the fact that I'm a network engineer and know very little about SQL.


      Any and all help is appreciated.


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          At one point at my previous employer here is how I tackled this.  I monitored the Private IP on the serial connection for the carrier side of the circuit.  This was done for the exact reason you mentioned checking for a layer 3 issue.  I would monitor via ICMP only for each interface and labeled them accordingly.  This ensured that I saw every outage even though just like in your scenario I had redundancies.

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            You can indicate that devices you need in the Orion Rport Writer.

            Open the template and go to "Filter Results" tab and

            click on "Add a new elementary condition"

            on "Records where _*_ is equal -*- " select "IP Adres" and is equal xx.xxx.x.x(device ıp adres)


            I hope it will help you