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    icons from Admin --> Details --> Polling Engines


      Having noticed one day that one of my polling engines was down, I started to think whether or not the information on this page could be persistently displayed on all pages/ all views.  While I can and do check this status manually throughout the day, I would like for coworkers who are here 24/7 to know the polling engine status so they could react.  Is there some way to get the icons in the screenshot below to appear on a menu bar?  I've already linked this page in my menu bar.  I figure the menu bar would be a good place to put this information without having to create custom HTML and i-frames for each and every page.


      This is the HTML behind the page that is providing the icons...what is feeding it?  Can if be the source of info for a menu bar resource?


      <td class="PropertyHeader sw-pg-firstcolumn AltRow1" style="padding-left: 5px; padding-right: 10px; ">Engine Status</td>

         <td class="Property Col2 AltRow1"><img valign="center" src="alt="Status"> Polling Engine Active</td>

      I'm ultimately looking to display the polling engine status icons (from screen shot below) in the menu bar or in some resource file so that no matter which page I'm looking at, I can see polling engine status.