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    Provide Application insight, and understanding.


      Last week I wrote on the importance of Monitoring the underlying operating system, or OS. http://thwack.solarwinds.com/thread/51512


      This week I wanted to go back and discuss how a product like Soloarwind's Server & Application Monitor can provide insight and understanding on why your users or clients are complaining about slow performance or a bad user experience.



      Web applications are classically be a challenge to trouble shoot. If users are complaining about a web page loading to slow, where do you start? We could play the blame game, and blame the network pipe, or virtualization, even maybe the underlying storage. But if you need to get the problem resolved fast, and you have a tool in place, the process because much more streamlined.


      Let's walk through the day of a Application Administrator / System Administrator, as he/she try's to figure out a IIS application problem.



      We can start by looking at the response time of the Server and Application in Question.

      http port.PNG



      Then focus on the World Wide Web Publishing service, and right away, we can see the Virtual memory is 100% used.


      www comp status.PNG



      Then we can dig even deeper, focusing now on the Virtual Memory usage.


      www s vm.PNG



      Now, we could look to see how long this has been problem, or see when new system load has caused this.



      Rather than just show more examples, I wanted to stress the importance of tools like Soloarwind's Server & Application Monitor. Up time is important, but often overlooked is what is going on beneath the cover's of the application. Tools like this allow you to spend your time executing on business objectives, not running through logs. It also allows you to encompass a magnitude of information for when and/or how you need it.


      Until Next time.



      Roger Lund