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    I cant get 3 fields to populate, description, Account-expires, and Canonical-Name.


      To start things off, we have this in the logs.

      2012-09-13 15:49:44,356 [15] DEBUG UserImportTool.Logger - Creating Active Directory users

      2012-09-13 15:49:44,356 [15] DEBUG UserImportTool.Logger - Creating User Account Name:redacted User Logon Name: Alias: Database: Organizational Unit:ou=contractor,ou=user accounts,dc=redacted,dc=com FullName:

      2012-09-13 15:49:44,512 [15] ERROR UserImportTool.Logger - Failed to set the following properties:  User:redacted Properties:Description, Account-Expires, Canonical-Name


      For those fields, we have the following information:



      Contractor -- lastname, firstname     -     This is how we do searches for them for reporting. Contractors here expire on a schedule, so for reporting, we send that name an email to approve their renewal.



      I originally had a date and time in this field, but after some research it's supposed to be a 64-bit integer. Short of a little script, I think that field will be not worth the effort. If you all want to add that functionality, I'd be appreciative.



      .Lastname, Firstname     -     cn, name, Directory Name, I've seen em all. All in all, its the name that is displayed on the search results when using Find in ADUC. We append a period to the beginning of the directory name so that when we do a find, the contractors come up first. We keep the Display Name without the character so the GAL and other places aren't affected.


      I use an LDAP editor for most of my work with AD, so the Description field and the Account Expires field shouldn't be much of an issue, but the cn is a really big problem. Importing a large list of names that we then have to modify for each entry defeats a lot of the purpose of getting the .csv file ready for import. Is there any way to import that field? Am I doing it wrong?