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    Virtual Infrastructure monitor PACKET LOSS




      I have this  issue where orion reports our VM hosts have a high packet loss, we have rebuilt the hosts and changed the IP`s but still we have reports of high packet loss which results in our nodes as showing down.


      All our other toolds for managing and monitoring the virtual estate say there is no packet loss., in fact if i ping from the orion server i also get no packet loss yet orion shows otherwise.

      Note* we only monitor the hosts not the virtual servers within the hosts, we also use ICMP to ping and the vmware plugin that solarwinds uses to connect the Vcentre


      My Question is:

      Is  this a bug with orion?

      Is there a config change i need to make?


      Any idea would be good.


      Versions we use:

      Virtual Infrastructure monitor version 1.2.0

      service pack none


      And NPM version 10.2.2


      Note*All our other 500+ nodes i.e. SAN and network have no packet loss (unless there is a real fault)


      Any thoughts would be great