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    Application Performance Monitoring


      Given Gartners definition of APM tools, are you all attempting to develop feature/funtionality in your products more into this space.  A significant investment in your products has already taken place and I would rather not fork into another tool set if you have enough current expertise in the APM space to help.

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          Hi Jay, that is a great question.  Gartner's definition is very strict.  We have made a lot of investment in the APM space in the past few years where we have had demand from our customer base.  You will see that Server & Application Monitor has expanded to include monitoring of hardware, virtual infrastructures and we have 100s of templates for monitoring key resources - operating systems and applications.  Synthetic End User Monitor also provides capabilities relevant to APM - with end user experience monitoring for internal and external web applications.


          This past Gartner APM MQ required that the solution also be SaaS based.  There are pros and cons to SaaS and we believe there are more cons than pros - primarily that SaaS ends up being more expensive in the long run and there is more risk for the company to use SaaS - what if the service you have invested in is no longer offered?  With software that you own on-site, you have less risk if the company goes out of business.


          SolarWinds has not yet invested in the other dimensions of APM as defined by Gartner - runtime application discovery, modeling & display, analytics and user defined transaction profiling.  We have not seen the demand, and these capabiities are very complex and complicated to implement and develop.


          I would love to hear from Gartner what the penetration rate is for each dimension they require in their APM MQ.  Based off my experience, the percentage of businesses leveraging all 5 dimensions is very tiny.