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    What are we working on next, on CatTools


      Here is the content that the CatTools dev team is currently cranking on, for the next version of CatTools (current is v 3.7).

      • Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 support
      • Activities can now be applied to “All Devices”
      • CatTools evaluation to last 14 days
      • Update of WodSSH COM component to fix or improve SSH connectivity with some devices (e.g. Cisco ACS, Nexus, Extreme…)
      • Support for F5 v11 (tmos)
      • Support for RunExternalScript added to F5.BigIP and F5.BigIP.GTM
      • Support for Palo Alto devices
      • Support for SonicWall
      • New DNS settings tab in the CatTools Setup window (DNS resolver). Improves resolution of IPs to hostnames
      • Fixes in Thwack integration
      • Version report added for HP switch

      The list of problem being looked at contains, but is not limited to:

      • Fixes for Nexus 5000/7000 Report.MAC.Address.Table Activity and Report.ARP.Table Activity
      • Fixes for Ayaya/Nortel5500 Device.CLI.Send.commands activity
      • Fixes in ASA configuration downloads
      • Fixes in Radware AppDirector configuration download
      • Fixes for Juniper SRX in Report.ARP table activity
      • Fixes HP Switch logout issue
      • Fixes in the Update Banner activity  for Invalid command error” for ASA
      • Fixes for Linux RedHat Bash connection with Cisco Wireless LAN
      • Fixes in the ReportSNMP.System Summary activity
      • Fixes in the Version report for F5.BigIP and F5.BigIP.GTM
      • Fixes for Dell Switch to exclude Null characters from the determined device hostname.
      • ARP Report DNS resolving of IP addresses to hostname issues
      • Thwack search broken
      • Select all devices option for activity - database records discrepancy
      • Client Script error while running the activity Report.Version Table
      • Internal Program Error occurs when running the DNS set up
      • Coding error in Info Log while running the Device.Update Banner activity
      • Group titles truncated in the Cattools setup tab
      • Command Output not displayed in Nortel Switch Ethernet
      • Device support request - Palo Alto
      • %ctRunExternalScript is not running
      • Ayaya/Nortel5500 using the Device.CLI.Send.commands repeats commands as it runs on the device.
      • ASA configs incomplete
      • CatTools loses the UPTIME-data of BIG-IP
      • General Backup lists Unexpected error when exiting
      • Error when using connect via a session
      • Only partial config for ASA using SSH2 captured
      • Cattools not backing up our Cisco ASA 5520 fully
      • Cisco ASA - after upgrading to CatTools 3.7 problem
      • ASA missing info config backup
      • Incomplete Cisco ASA Backup in 3.7
      • RadWare AppDirector: Config backup adding characters to config
      • Report.X-Ref.Port MAC ARP - Giving Main script error
      • Report.SNMP.System summary Activity
      • Unable to backup config from Del 5324 switch
      • Upgrade wodSSH COM component to latest (2.9.6)
      • Select All Devices option in activity select devices screen
      • Addition of new tab for DNS under Setup
      • How to backup SonicWall 4060

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