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    Monitor Windows Event Log from LEM


      I have installed LEM WindowsAgent.

      I am interested in monitoring the Windows Event Log in real time but I am not sure how to do that.

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          Installing the Agent is only the first step.  After that you need to go into the LEM interface, go to Manage Nodes and setup tools to look at the specific logs that you are interested in.  Once you have chosen the tools that you want make sure to start them.


          Please keep in mind that LEM was originally designed with a security focus so even when configured to look at a log it doesn't necessarily look at every entry in the log, often only entries that are potentially important for security purposes.


          If you run into problems or have questions you should call their support, they are totally awesome and have been a huge help to me in getting this setup as I am relatively new to the product as well.  Another big help for me were the training videos located HERE, I strongly recommend taking the time to watch all of them.


          Hope this helps!