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    SCOM 2007: How to configure Orion Management Pack...


      I'm managing a SCOM2007R2 environment, and have had great succes setting up a SolarWinds Orion server monitoring our global network.
      I have imported the Orion Management Pack, to collect network alert into SCOM for our operations team.


      BUT... In scom we are getting a lot (this is an understatement ) of alerts, most from Orion Advanced Alert and Orion Basic Alert and ALL of them with severity Critical and Priority High.


      This ok for some of the alert, but not all of them.

      What I need is to find a way to tweak this alerts - is there anyone who can assist me here ?


      Creating an override for the rule to adjust the severity is not the right soltion, hence some alerts created by these rules are indded Critical, whilst others should just be warnings og informations.