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    Deploying .msp files or custom .bat/.cmd files


      Has anyone had any luck deploying .msp files?

      If so, did you do anything to make it work?

      According to tech support, they are just supposed to work which is why there the applicability or installed rule checks aren't even offered.

      (My computers are reporting not applicable - when the default rule (Acrobat 10.1.4) simply performs a x86 or x64 check)


      Along those same lines, what about a custom .bat or .cmd file to have that available for clients to download?

      Any luck there?





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          I deploy packages with MSP files all the time. Notably is the Adobe Reader series. I had to create my own packages for Adobe Reader 8 and they worked just fine as packages with .MSP content. I have never gotten .BAT/,CMD files to work, if I need something custom, I usually ask our resident C++ programmer to whip up an .EXE file. Had to do that for doing an Obsolete Java vulnerability a while back.

          I am currently running the RC2 1.80.778.0

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            So went back to revisit this again and it looks like that Patch Manager is only saying the .msp for 10.1.4 is only applicable if the client has 10.0.0 installed.  However, the .msp for 10.1.4 can be applied manually to any version from 10.0.0 - 10.1.3.

            The pre-req rule only has x32 or x64 system, and because it's an .msp file Patch Manager won't allow for any of the normal applicability or installed rules.

            As it now stands for my machines, if the client has 10.0.0, Patch Manager reports the .msp is applicable. (expected behavior)

            If the client has 10.1.4, Patch Manager reports the .msp is already installed. (expected behavior)

            For all other clients, the Patch Manager reports not applicable. (unexpected behavior)

            Does anyone have any luck deploying .msp files with Patch Manager? Basically, how to get the applicability and installed rules to apply correctly.

            Support says that .msp files are their own animal and to post the question here.


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              I replied to your post here that should help you deploy custom cmd and bat files by wrapping them in a WinRAR self-extractor package: