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    I don't see any bandwidth in the hour reports




      Currently I'm implementing ipMonitor in our network and I'm facing a problem.


      I've added network devices and ipMonitor added the Cisco devices in ipmonitor.

      What I want to create a network diagram with all bandwidth statistics of the uplinks.


      When I'm on the uplink monitor page I've check the box saying "Store Monitor Statistics for Recent Activity and Historical Reports"


      And I see that ipMonitor receives data from the monitor:


      Parent Device: switch XXXX

      Last Result:rtt: 66ms; in: 41 MB, 172.70 KB; out: 3 MB, 73.62 KB; ttl kb/s: 1237.06; ttl kb/s-avg: 934.18


      Coverage:2 hours, 27 secs

      Duration:2 hours, 27 secs


      But when I click on the View Reports button I expected to see data. But all the graphs are empty.


      Did I miss something?