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    NPM - LDAP integration


      Hello All,


      Is it possible to integrate NPM with multiple LDAPS?. If so how do I configure it? By default, NPM uses the windows server's registered domain?




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          Adding more details to the question.


          LDAP integration

          Can we configure multiple LDAPS for user authentication? One set of users to LDAP A and the other set to LDAP B? Is there any back end configuration available for LDAP management ?


          How the Solarwinds is integrating with LDAP? Can we use a separate LDAP for user authentication other than the one integrated with physical server?


          Is there any requirement that the user as which the application is installed must also be a member of LDAP? If not, will the application be able to contact LDAP?

          Additional Attributes

          Is there a way the custom attributes are available for traps (snmp and syslogs coming from devices) as well? Without these custom variables , how can I enrich a trap with additional information?