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    WebHelpDesk 11.0.7 HotFix 1 available


      WebHelpDesk 11.0.7 HotFix 1 available




      HotFix 1 reduces the likelihood of encountering errors when saving notes and tickets from within the tech interface.


      For more information, contact Technical Support at support@webhelpdesk.com


      This hotfix requires Web Help Desk 11.0.7 or


      To install this hotfix, complete the following procedure:

      1. Make a backup copy of the following folders:


        Windows: = \Program Files\WebHelpDesk
        Mac OS X: = /Library/WebHelpDesk
        Linux: = /usr/local/webhelpdesk


      2. Unzip the hotfix:
        Mac OS X: sudo unzip FB164018.zip -d /Library/WebHelpDesk
        Windows: [Extract FB164018.zip into \Program Files\WebHelpDesk]
        Linux: sudo unzip FB164018.zip -d /usr/local/webhelpdesk
        If prompted, confirm that existing files of the same name should be replaced.


      3. Restart Web Help Desk.