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    Eminentware WMI Providers


      I have an update that I am having some difficulty with and I am not sure if it relates to the Release Candidate I am currently using or not. I am using the Patch Manager RC2 version 1.80.778.0


      Eminentware WMI Providers was a patch Released 2/2/2012.


      On some workstations, I am having this patch fail and then cause subsequent patches in the same instance to fail (e.g. Adobe Reader 9.5.2 (Upgrade) )


      Would it work to decline this patch since it looks like the Release Candidate I am using seems to Deploy the Solarwinds WMI Providers to the workstations automatically? It looks like 1.80.778.0 is the version of the Solarwinds WMI provider that is getting provisioned to the workstations with this Release candidate.


      I have only had the patch released in February impact 5 or so workstations, so I am not to worried, but I was just wondering if declining the WMI from february might be the best solution at this point.


      Eminentware WMI Providers does seem to be downloaded to 106 computers and needed by 91. Only 4 show failures.


      Thanks again for your help.

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          Lawrence Garvin

          Patch Manager v1.8 does ship with new WMI Providers. Unless this was a fresh installation and you selected the option to not automatically deploy WMI Providers, the WMI Providers should automatically update to the v1.8 WMI Providers, so the 3rd party package for v1.71.210.1 should be NotApplicable to any active client of a v1.8RC system. If this is not the case, then declining (or deleting) that package from the WSUS server would be appropriate.



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              Excellent, i did just that, seems that old update will not go away on the clients unless I do an uninstall though. Only happened to about 100 computers though. Not too bad. I have declined the update and will continue to monitor for any issues, the new WMI providers update does seem to install and provision correctly with the RC.