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    My NPM don't collect data!


      I got a serious problem. I made a new Orion installation on a new server. First all looked well. But now I put it in production and I noticed that there the event and alert logs are not filled whenever a server reboots or a node goes down. So all looks perfectly green and then suddenly the phone rings that people got problems.


      I really need to figure this out but can't find the cause.


      Perhaps I couple of screenshots may help you, help me?






      So the data collector service every time starts and then stops again. I tried reinstalling almost everything to make the service running. But it keeps starting/stopping.


      I hope someone can help me out because our old system is not functioning so I am relying on this one.

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          I recommend going into the C;\ProgramData\SolarWinds\Installers (for Widnows 2008) or C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\SolarWinds\Installers (for Windows 2003) and selecting both the JobEnginev2.msi and the CollectorInstaller.msi, select remove, then rerun to re-install.  That should help with the service flapping.  If you are still not collecting data after that, make sure the nodes in the nodes table are all assigned to the new server (if you used the database from another installation).  This can be done in Manage Nodes by selecting the polling engine as the sorting method.  If there was an older server, then they need to be re-assigned.  This can be done by selecting all, then editing and changing the poller.



          Matthew Harvey