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    Issue with reports




      I am running NPM version 2011.1.0   and I am having probelms with the report writer.


      Basically, I am using the daily node availability report and changing the dates so that it does a months worth between the 17th of each month. I have also tried doing this on the availablilty reports....


      What i am seeing is thus:


      If I run the default reports and dont change the dates everything is fine. If I change the dates so that it crosses over 2 months then I only see a subsection of my nodes that are being monitored. For instance nodes 1 to 10 show up in July and nodes 10 to 20 show up in August.


      Has anyone got any ideas how to solve this? I am supposed to be supplying the board of directors with these reports but they are unusable at the moment.


      thanks in advance for any help.





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          Have you tried just the plain Availability - Last Month Report?  Could you attach the report you've been working with?  Just find the name of the report file on the general tab, then grab it from the /Reports folder in the Orion install directory.  There may be something due to select fields or filter results, but I'd need to see the report to know for sure.



          Matthew Harvey



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            Your report should work fine. I tried it on my Orion setup and it worked fine. I selected the default report Availability - Last Month in Report Writer. I then changed the Time Frame to Specific Time Frame starting 17/07/2012 and ending 17/08/2012 and ran the report. All my devices showed up in July 2012 and August 2012.


            Here's the SQL commands that Report Writer created for it


            SELECT  TOP 10000 CONVERT(DateTime,
            LTRIM(MONTH(DateTime)) + '/01/' + LTRIM(YEAR(DateTime)),
            101) AS SummaryMonth,
            Nodes.NodeID AS NodeID,
            Nodes.VendorIcon AS Vendor_Icon,
            Nodes.Caption AS NodeName,
            Nodes.IP_Address AS IP_Address,
            AVG(ResponseTime.Availability) AS AVERAGE_of_Availability

            Nodes INNER JOIN ResponseTime ON (Nodes.NodeID = ResponseTime.NodeID)

            ( DateTime BETWEEN 41105 AND 41136 )

            GROUP BY CONVERT(DateTime, LTRIM(MONTH(DateTime)) + '/01/' + LTRIM(YEAR(DateTime)), 101),
            Nodes.NodeID, Nodes.VendorIcon, Nodes.Caption, Nodes.IP_Address

            ORDER BY SummaryMonth ASC, 4 ASC