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    SNMP Trap Action - VarBind definition - MIB file missing


      when defining a SNMP Trap Action in LEM I can decide between "HostIncident"; 2HybridIncident" and "NetworkIncident"; all incidents have different predifiened fields to put information in.

      the trap itself comes with the following varbinds:


      But I cannot find a documentation about the definition about the varbinds, i.e. I cannot find a MIB file for this OID on the net.


      Can anybody point me to where I can download the MIB file?


      Also does anybody know if there is a documentation about which varbinds are possible and if which are really sent out of the system ? I seems to me that I can define a lot of fields with drag-and-drop in the GUI for the SNMP Trap Action but when receiving the event I do not get all fields.

      Or is it just an artefact of the Trap Receiver, that it does show only varbinds with values? Or is it an issue with LEM, that it sends out only those varbinds haveing values ??LEM