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    Space Allocation/Actual utilization report or view


      Hi, Is there a way to view the actual space used within an allocation?  If a LUN is 40GB in size and allocated to a server.... but the actual use of the space is only 20GB....  is there anyway ot view that info?



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          Hi tmeyers,


          In Storage Manager, we report information as it's known by the array. In a block storage environment, the array does not know how much space is being used by a particular LUN, only how much has been allocated which is why it's not reported directly. However, if there is a file system layer, for example because the LUNs are mapped to a Windows Server, you can go to the Windows server and look at the Logical Mapping table under the Storage tab. (see picture) In this table, you should see your LUN ID's listed under "Target Name" and the % Used in the colored column.


          Logical Mapping.PNG