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      Dear All,


      We have download Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor v10.3.1 and  NetFlow Traffic Analyzer v3.9.0. This is first time we use Solarwinds NPM and NTA.

      We want use Solarwinds NPM and NTA for monitor our customer device. We have add device to NPM and then configure sflow on device for use with  NTA.

      On NTA, we see that device can send sflow traffic to Solarwinds NTA


      On NTA summary we see view summary from all device that sent sflow to Solarwinds NTA.


      We want on NTA summary view only filter that we create

      for example: our customer have 5 device that we want NTA  display it by specific filter (example: Application or IP Address)

         - On device A and C,  we want only view Application SAP only

         - On device B and D, we want only view Application HTTP only

        -  On device E, we want view both application (SAP and HTTP)


      Our question:

      - Is Solarwinds NTA summary view can be customize like example that we give? If it can, how to do it?


      We hope you can give us information about it


      Thanks For Your Attention