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    NetFlow Traffic Analyzer showing not receiving




      I currently run ipMonitor, and like it and it works well.  We are starting to need something a bit more.... Complex, and want to start looking at Orion, and its various plug ins.


      One of the problems im seeing is the following.  I run Cisco 4506's with Sup4's (Netflow Module included) in some of our facilities.


      I've set everything up like it states in the document.  I got an error message from it that stated that it got traffic.


      "You have not enabled NetFlow data export on the device. For more information, see "Enabling NetFlow and NetFlow Data Export (NDE) on Cisco Catalyst Switches" in the Support - Product Documentation area of www.solarwinds.com."


      I used Wireshark to make sure I was getting flow traffic, (Which I am getting)


      Any ideas on what possibly could be going on, or why its not receiving the flow?



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          this message is shown when NTA receives flows which have both input and output interface index 0. Such flows are invalid, they can't be matched with any interface in Orion. You can check this in WireShark, expand some flow and look for InputInt and OutputInt fields. Most probably you'll see that all flows have zeros in interface indexes. To fix this, usually you need to enable flow export on individual interfaces which you want to monitor.