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    Can SolarWinds Alert escalation work with smartphone?


      Hi, I have created the Case Update: 370754 - Acknowledge Alerts and have not received any info/instructions regarding this request.

      Basically, we are planning on using alert escalation option to acknowledge the alerts. Please see following scenario:
      The alert trigger will trigger alert and create priority 1 helpdesk ticket and also will page the on-call engineer. If the alert is not acknowledged (I would like to know how to alert can be acknowledged) within 15 minutes, then send a page to on call and secondary – engineer. If the issue still is not acknowledged within 15 minutes, page the on-call manager. I do not see any option to take action to accomplish this request (I know we can create different recipients notification group and enable the alert escalation).  We would like to know if alerts can be acknowledged by smartphone.  If so, which third party application (we already have PageGate app).  I hope I receive correct information regarding my request (so far,all I have received from engineer is how to create the alert escalation which I have already done and tested successfully).  Thanks,