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    Major disk IO improvements after going from 10.2.2 to 10.3.1


      We are a relatively large consumer of Solarwinds and have multiple polling engines in our environment and utilize almost all of the modules offered.  Our SQL server's disk IO has been overwhelmed and a new server is in the works to rectify our bottle neck issues.  That being said I upgraded from 10.2.2. to 10.3.1 yesterday morning and the results have been shocking.  Our disk IO thus far has been halved.  I'm not sure if this is to do with utilizing the .Net 4.0 framework now supported or due to overall code changes (can't track down the 10.3 release notes I can only find the 10.3.1) but I have been pleasantly surprised.  Included below is the disk IO of our SQL server.  Ignore the titles as I manipulated the chart timing but the first graph is 24 hour prior to the upgrade and the second graph is about 24 hours post upgrade.  The disk IO is still busy but this is a major improvement from where we were. 

      When I shared this information with my DBA he had this to say which is very telling IMHO "Cool.  Liking solarwinds more every day.  Most vendors simply say add more memory,cpu,and disks. When in actuality, most performance improvements can be made in the application design and logical database design, which we can’t control."


      Disk IO.png

      Great work by the dev team you have my sincere thanks.