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    Java 7u6 credentials required


      HI and thanks for looking


      im having some trouble with the Java 7u6 patch created by eminetware.


      i am sending the patch out as normal using the eminetware console


      the patch installs fine


      however the users are then being prompt for admin credentials everytime they open IE.


      for one example java 7u6 was installed on the 16th and it shows as installed in the control panel on the pc and withing the eminetware console


      however the users gets prompted for credentials to install the update everytime they open IE. as i pushed this update out to the site everyone is getting these prompts.


      anyone else having simular issues?





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          Lawrence Garvin

          Greetings Russ.


          I'm told that we did not observe any behavior like this in the deployment testing we did on the package prior to its publication, and this is the first we've heard of any issue since its publication a week ago.


          Can you provide some more specifics as to the specific operating systems, service pack levels, and versions of IE where you're seeing this behavior, also are the uses administrative users and has UAC been modified from the defaults.


          Did you have a previous version of JRE v7 installed, or is this JRE 7u6 your first installation of the JRE v7 runtime on these systems? If an upgrade, what previous patch levels of JRE v7 were installed?

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              Hi thanks for getting back to me.


              operating systems are win7 and IE version 9. UAC is default


              this is the upgrade java 7u6 as we have java 7u5 installed previously.


              many thanks

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                  Lawrence Garvin

                  We've retested the JRE 7u6 packages against all combinations of Win7, IE8 and IE9, with and without UAC, and are unable to reproduce the reported behavior.


                  Is the prompting of credentials at every instance of opening IE, regardless of the web page selected?

                  Does it only occur when opening IE to the default Home Page?

                  Are you able to reproduce this behavior with IE8?


                  I do recall a scenario when I first installed JRE7 (RTM) to my Win7/IE8 system and being excessively prompted for some sort of authentication -- but that was a very long time ago. I figured it was an annoying bug that would eventually get fixed before JRE6 was abandoned,so I uninstalled JRE7. Your observations suggest that it might be a configuration-related issue, rather than a program bug.


                  I would suggest inquring with Oracle or in a Java Runtime forum to see what other reports might exist regarding this behavior.