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    Error writing tftp: what did I do wrong?


      I am using SolarWinds TFTP server installed on my work laptop. I believe I have it configured correctly and it starts up fine. I go into the GUI for my CISCO switch and try to to save the running-config to my TFTP server (laptop), I get the following error from the GUI:

      [ERROR] copy /noconfirm running-config tftp://\TFTP

        Cryptochecksum: 03cf6e50 7a818788 6e0a5227 f983df7d


      %Error writing tftp://\TFTP (Timed out attempting to connect)


      And the following displays on my TFTP server window:


      , binary, PUT. Bailing out to bad characters in Filename: 'C:\TFTP'.

      , netascii, PUT, Transmission failed. Illegal characters in path


      I configured the target location in the GUI for the switch as the correct IP address for my laptop and the correct folder to save it to (shown above).

      What is illegal about the path?