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    Populating interface speeds from custom poller.


      Hi All,


        We have set up a custompoller and we are collecting the ADSLTransmitRate and ADSLReceiveRate. I would like to use these values to populate the interface OutBandwidth and InBandwidth. Does anyone know the SQL to do this / a better way?





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          Víťa Tauer

          Hi Tom,


          If you need to populate this only once, (or run by hand)..


          Just backup your database before trying :-)


          1) Set interface's CustomBandwidth to '1' (can be done in 'Edit Interface' page). If you don't do this, the Bandwidth will be overwritten with every poll.



          UPDATE Interfaces set

          InBandwidth = cps.Status

          from CustomPollerStatus cps

          INNER JOIN CustomPollerAssignment cpa ON cpa.CustomPollerAssignmentID = cps.CustomPollerAssignmentID

          INNER JOIN CustomPollers cp ON cp.CustomPollerID = cpa.CustomPollerID

          WHERE UniqueName='ADSLReceiveRate' AND cpa.InterfaceID = Interfaces.InterfaceID AND Interfaces.CustomBandwidth = 1


          should set ADSLReceiveRate -> InBandwidth.