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    MAC address found is wrong


      I have the Switch Port Mapper of the Engineer's Toolset, and I try to look at one HP ProCurve 1810G 24 switch.

      It gives me all the interfaces with connected MAC addresses on each port. But the MAC is wrong.

      Example : My computer has mac address : 64:31:50:77:64:54, but on the port that my computer is connected, it shows 0258.6431.5077. So somehow, it is shifted 2 bytes and the 64:54 part is gone, and 0258 is prefixed.


      How come this is happening?

        • Re: MAC address found is wrong

          There is most likely an issue with the way the MAC address is encoded in the device's MIB. We fixed couple issues like this in 10.8, so I definitely recommend updating to the latest version. You may also contact our support. They will request a MIB Walk from you so we could reproduce, investigate and hopefully fix the issue.