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    UDT bulk adding nodes


      We have had UDT in production for sometime and have come across a bulk of nodes that are in NPM but not in UDT.  I am unsure the best way to add these.  For a couple of switches I went through discovery central (from udt admin guide) and walked through the steps but it does not give the L2 or L3 option and just automatically does both.  After they are discovered I had to go edit the node and uncheck the L3 for UDT for these nodes.  Also had to uncheck the interface vlan(s) and uplink ports on each.  Maybe there is a more efficient method of adding a bulk of nodes to UDT (over 200) with the settings we want.  All of these nodes are already in NPM.  Thanks for any help.

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          You add nodes to SolarWinds Platform (a.k.a. Core) database and then you can specify ports that should be monitored by UDT. If you want to uncheck L2 or L3 in bulk, you can select multiple nodes on the node management page and then the change will be applied to all selected.




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              What is the thought on deleting and/or monitoring uplink ports?  Should uplink ports be monitored at all or could they cause excess ip/mac entries.  If they are unmonitored but not deleted, what exactly does that do?



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                  I have the same question as fasteddye.  Is there a benefit to monitoring uplink ports?

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                      Detailed answer from engineering:


                      1. Regarding selective discovery.
                        There is currently no way in UDT to specify upfront that say only L2 discovery should be run. Same is true for post Port Scan stage. There is an extensive filtering section, but it doesn’t provide ability to select what capability UDT should poll. It should be not too difficult to add it though.
                        So you answer that UDT Port Management->Select nodes by capability->Node Properties  is the only way to enable/disable polling.
                      2. Filter section in discovery workflow allows to select only specific ports to be monitored. So if user uses some pattern to mark uplink ports they may exclude them at discovery stage. Or select what they want to monitor using one criteria -> import -> return back apply different criteria -> import -> ….
                      3. Reasonability to monitor uplink ports.
                        Bridge table data from uplink ports is used to build port-to-port relation in UDT. But currently there is no way UDT may display it to end user. My feeling is that there is not much sense to monitor uplink ports and it should be quite safe to mark them unmonitored. But we didn’t actually specifically tested this scenario.