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    What will be the best way to separate IPAM from a NPM integrated installation?




      I would like to separate the IPAM from the existing server to a new server and a new database server.


      In future I will have the these systems:

      • NPM Server (NPM) - current server incl. IPAM
      • NPM Database Server (DBS[NPM]) - current DB server incl. IPAM data
      • IPAM Server (IPAM) - new standalone IPAM server
      • IPAM Database Server (DBS[IPAM]) -  new DB server


      My idea is to do the following steps to separate the IPAM service:

      1. Install a standalone IPAM with new DB server DBS[IPAM]
      2. Export the current IPAM data from DBS[NPM] and import it in DBS[IPAM]
      3. Remove the IPAM license from NPM and add it to IPAM
      4. uninstall NPM IPAM integration incl. database


      My questions are:

      1. Is it enough to export the current IPAM data and import it or do I miss something because there is a different between integrated and standalone installation?
      2. Which SQL commands do I need to export and import the IPAM data?


      As background information:

      Today I have one big server with NPM, NCM, NTA, SAM and IPAM. The performance of the system reached the limit. In addition I want to increase the the IPAM scan interval of the DHCP server and want to add DNS. In future my colleagues from the branch offices should use the IPAM also which include that we have to increase the scan intervals.


      BR NetJoerg