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    Subnet scans on static addresses?




      We use IPAM v3 and our /24 subnets are done as follows:


      1 - 99 as static

      100 onwards as DHCP.


      When IPAM does a subnet scan, it only seems to pickup static addresses which have been marked as reserved or used.


      What I mean is, if an address is marked as static and available, the subnet scan will not change this to used even if somebody is using this address.


      I realise nobody should be using the address but we have had instances of people using an IP address without marking it as reserved and because a subnet scan doesn't pickup this address as being 'used'...somebody else then thinks its available and reserves it for some else, thereby creating a duplicate.


      Hopefully that makes sense


      Can this be changed to the subnet scan even changes addresses from available to used if somebody has used the address without informing us??


      I know they are not meant to but it does happen unfortunately.



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          what you have described is something that IPAM normally does. So it scans all IP addresses not just used/static ones. You just need to have them defined within IPAM ( you need to see each IP address that you want to poll as part of subnet detail page).


          IPAM will automatically detect if IP is responding and it changes the state from available to used + it retrieves SNMP details if available. If this is not working for you I would contact support and they should be able to help you with your issue.