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    Network Atlas : Fix Map Width on HTML view.


      Good Day


      I have looked at the Network Atlas Guide and searched the Forums but I cannot find exactly what I am looking for.


      When I build maps in Network Atlas and use a Scale of 100. I try to fit all my objects into a width of 1200 resolution wise. I have no limit on length as I have various amounts of objects per maps.


      Problem is, some of the maps when I have a lot of objects down. When I go to the web interface it seems that the scale is changed. Is it possible to set a fixed width for maps in the web view?

      If more objects is added, the map scales even more and it becomes unreadable at some stage.


      I have attached a screenshot with the web view and the network atlas view. The Network Atlas View.


      I do not have any problems with scrolling down on the maps. But we are trying to keep a standard when be build maps and every map have a different scale when viewing it in the web interface.


      Any assistance would be much appreciated.

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          2 possibilities off top of my head:

          1.  check your background - if visio based, save image to size of objects so there is very little white space around the read pic.

          2.  on your map view, you can set the width of the column the map is displayed in.  If needed, you would create separate views for different maps of varying widths.