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    Network Atlas : Fix Map Width on HTML view.


      Good Day


      I have looked at the Network Atlas Guide and searched the Forums but I cannot find exactly what I am looking for.


      When I build maps in Network Atlas and use a Scale of 100. I try to fit all my objects into a width of 1200 resolution wise. I have no limit on length as I have various amounts of objects per maps.


      Problem is, some of the maps when I have a lot of objects down. When I go to the web interface it seems that the scale is changed. Is it possible to set a fixed width for maps in the web view?

      If more objects is added, the map scales even more and it becomes unreadable at some stage.


      I have attached a screenshot with the web view and the network atlas view. The Network Atlas View.


      I do not have any problems with scrolling down on the maps. But we are trying to keep a standard when be build maps and every map have a different scale when viewing it in the web interface.


      Any assistance would be much appreciated.