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    How to understand if alert is in reset state ?


      an alert in resetHi,


      I am developing a small app to read alerts with Orion SDK. I can read alerts with queries (SWQL) like these but how can i understand that an alert is closed(reset) ?

      Solarwinds is deleting from Orion.AlertStatus with resetquery. I need to know if an alert is in reset state like events.






      SELECT TOP 100 A.AlertDefID, A.ActiveObject, A.ObjectType

      FROM Orion.AlertStatus A WHERE A.Acknowledged=0 ORDER BY A.TriggerTimeStamp DESC




      SELECT TOP 100 AlertDefID, ActiveObject, ObjectType, State, WorkingState, ObjectName, AlertMessage, TriggerTimeStamp, TriggerTimeOffset, TriggerCount, ResetTimeStamp, Acknowledged, AcknowledgedBy, AcknowledgedTime, LastUpdate, AlertNotes, Notes

      FROM Orion.AlertStatus