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    ipMonitor able to take corrective steps?


      I'm wondering if ipMonitor is able to be setup so that monitors can take basic initial steps should a monitor go into a failure/down status?  For example, if I setup a monitor to monitor a service can ipMon be set to try to restart the service before an email is sent?  Of if a disc drive goes past it's threshold can the monitor be setup to run a batch file to delete .tmp files?  Just looking to see if more automation can be added so those little things aren't mucking up an admin's time.



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          Hi Tim,


          This is indeed possible.  You would simply use the Restart Service Action to restart the Service in question and use the External Process Action to run the batch file or script of your choice.  A few notes regarding these Actions:


          1. The Restart Action uses the values within the Monitor's "Recovery Parameters" section to assess the name of the service, the name of the server and the credential to use.   Having that said, make sure those fields are populated.


          2. The External Process Action can only run a Script/Batch file that exists on the ipMonitor host.  Having that said, ensure that your Script/Batch file can accept parameters such as system name and run the required commands against those systems.  For example, you could write a script that accepts an IP as a parameter and then have it delete \\[IP address]\c$\windows\temp\*.tmp


          Also, if you wish to run these  before sending emails, make sure these Actions are set with a Range of 1 and that the Email Action is set with a Range of 2 or higher.


          Let me know if you have any additional questions.




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