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    SolarWinds NTA 3.10.0 is now in RC!


      NTA 3.10.0 RC is now available to existing customers with active maintenance.


      Release Candidates (RCs) are early versions of the upcoming release. These are made available to existing customers on active maintenance prior to General Availability (GA). RCs are fully supported and we encourage you to post feedback on thwack once you install it and let us know what you like about the new release.


      This release contains several new exciting features.


      1. New interactive charts. If you have been watching NPM, then you will be aware that we have been working on updating the charting package for the entire Orion Platform family. NPM is currently providing these charts as a customer technology preview (CTP). NTA will be the first Orion product to ship these new charts by default! They load faster than the current charts and are interactive, the best way to see them in action is to install the RC!You can see more about these in the previous beta blog post. http://thwack.solarwinds.com/community/solarwinds-community/product-blog/blog/2012/07/13/the-next-version-of-nta-is-ready-for-beta
      2. Support for sFlow v2 and v4
      3. General support for monitoring flows on "un-managenable" interfaces. NTA currently requires an interface to be managed by NPM before it can receive flows from it. With this change, we can create an un-managable interface to be monitored by NPM to correlate the flows with. This was primarily done to support the vSwitch which we cannot poll via SNMP to correlate the ifIndex on the device with the ifIndex in the flows. However, this also applies to other devices that send flows but there is not a related interface to match the flows with.