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    Daily Report (Last 24 Hours) Showing Hours Incorrectly




      I have constructed a custom report in the NPM Report Writer which seems to work fine, in the writer.


      However, when I go to the same report in Orion (via the web browser), the report only shows ONE hour out of the previous 24.


      Two similar reports, one showing the last 7 days and one showing the last 30 days work correctly.


      Does anybody know what might be causing this?



      Here is the info about the report, and some screenshots:


      First the Report Configuration:


      8-8-2012 3-57-32 PM.png


      8-8-2012 3-58-13 PM.png


      8-8-2012 3-59-26 PM.png


      8-8-2012 4-01-20 PM.png


      8-8-2012 4-01-44 PM.png


      8-8-2012 4-02-27 PM.png


      8-8-2012 4-03-17 PM.png


      8-8-2012 4-06-27 PM.png



      And then the output. Here's what it looks like in the Report Writer:


      8-8-2012 3-32-57 PM.png



      And here's what it looks like on the Orion web site in the Reports section:


      8-8-2012 3-32-41 PM.png



      So, what is wrong here? Why am I getting two different results???


      Thanks for any assistance!


      John Whitten