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    Problem Logging in to Professional Toolset Account


      I keep getting an error when trying to use the pro toolset that says i need to be a paying customer which I am. When I log out and try to log in I get a 404 - Component not found error.  Opened a support ticket and was told to enter the problem here.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          nicole pauls

          I branched this off to a new discussion to make it easier to find.


          You might try deleting your cookies associated with DNSstuff to get a clean start if you can't get logged out or logged in from whatever state you're currently in.


          If you're logged out currently, try logging back in from the "My Account" page directly, rather than the top of the page - https://www.dnsstuff.com/amember/member.php. After logging in, you'll be taken to your account page (all of your renewal dates are at the bottom if you need to double check your actual subscription expiration dates).  From there, you should be able to get to toolset from the Toolbox button at the top (or https://www.dnsstuff.com/tools). If after logging in and consistently staying logged in you still don't have access to your subscription, it's possible that it expired. If that's not possible, there might be another account issue, and we can look into it with your account name (which you can file in a support case, see below, or send via message here on thwack).


          Lastly, I'm not sure who you talked to in support, but as a paying customer they should take your case. They probably misunderstood and assumed you were using a free tool, where support only comes from Thwack. You can file a ticket via the submission form, if you let me know the case # I'll give the team a heads up (make sure to include your account name in the case) - https://www.dnsstuff.com/technical-support