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    ESX Credential issue after IP changed on Node


      So this is just a little weird.  I'm not going to open a support case because it's an easy workaround but thought I would post it.


      I have an ESX node in monitoring and I'm polling via SNMP and using ESX credentials.

      The node goes down and I find out from the team that the IP address changed.

      I go to the edit node page and update the IP address and then test SNMP which passes successfully.

      I then submit and I get an popup that says something to the effect of Unable to update node with ESX credentials would you like to proceed.

      This leads me to think that the credentials are failing so I click no and then test the ESX creds which indeed fail.

      I go ahead and push forward with the changes anyway and say yes to the error.

      After the node converts I see that the ESX polling is working so I test the creds and it passes.

      I was able to replicate this on another node as well.


      So it appears to me that when you update the IP address field that new IP is used to validate SNMP but the IP in the DB is what is used to validate ESX instead of the changes I made on that page.  I have to actually submit and accept the error to get the ESX IP updated and then it queries successfully.


      I'm on NPM 10.2.2