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    Replacing an old Catalyst 6500 but keeping NetFlow

    Jeremy Stretch

      I work for a managed services provider and encountered an interesting predicament recently. A customer wants to replace their aged Catalyst 6500 which was populated with four 16-port GE modules with a new switch. Normally, I'd recommend a stack of Catalyst 3750-X switches, but there was a catch: They want the device to support NetFlow.


      I see three possible solutions. The first option is to replace the Catalyst 6500 with another chassis switch that can do NetFlow; probably not another 6500 but perhaps a Catalyst 4500E.


      The second and third options involve installing a new LAN switch which does not support NetFlow. One solution is to insert a NetFlow-capable router into the traffic path between the LAN switch and the WAN edge, which isn't ideal but would probably be less expensive than a NetFlow-capable switch. Alternatively, we could install a NetFlow collector attached to a SPAN port on the switch. Again, this isn't ideal, but is probably the cheapest solution.


      I have yet to dig into the specifics of each solution, but I was wondering if others could share some lessons learned from similar scenarios.