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    Where is the combined interface xmit and receive packets, errors and drops chart?


      I am rather new to Orion NPM and I am still trying to finish my initial configuration and console screen.  The first thing I noticed is that the product has some great top XX reports.  When I click on an interface I get some great details.  What I would like to see is a chart that shows me the interface combined traffic and errors/drops on one chart.


      Does this chart exist or is it possible to create a chart that will allow me to see how significant the errors and/or drops are in relation to the actual traffic.


      Can I use the same measurement for each of the chart elements, ie.. could I use bytes or packet count?


      Could I also display this as a last xx minute chart?


      Can I create this as a stack or line chart?

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          So you can see several interface errors/discards on one chart....


          What you would want to add to the view is a "Multiple Custom Object Resource"


          You would then be able to select multiple interfaces; as well as what you would like to represent on the chart (i.e. errors and discards)  (You could have several "Multiple Object Resources" on the same page... Total Errors, Total Discards, Total Discards Transmitted, Total Discards Received, etc)


          To your question on the relation to actual traffic - becomes a little harder...


          In order to correlate them to the total traffic - you would not be able to see them on the same chart - but you would be able to see them on the same page - i.e. the Interface Details page (but obviously only 1 interface at a time)


          These charts cannot be last xx minute charts - the Last Hour is the most granular - however you can use sample intervals for each poll (default 9 minutes for interfaces - so you can chart on 10 minute samples without gaps)



          ** Update - I'm looking into the new charts we've just released... If I find anything differently - I will update this post.





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