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    Automate Creation of Maps

    Mark Roberts



      Not sure if this is an SDK forum post or not, but here goes..


      I have been investigating ways to automatically create maps, as this would be useful for installations that require multiple maps to be created. This can obviously be a rather labour intensive task and I do not see any CRUD ability in the SDK to allow maps to added to Orion. While this automation would allow the bulk creation of the topology and insert the elements, manual work would still be required on the layout of course, but on installations where dozens of maps are required simply having the content structure in place would be very usefu


      I was thinking along these lines, but the structure of the orionmap files is not completely clear to determine if this is a viable option.


      • A data source created that details the structure of the map topology (CSV..)
        • Map Name
        • Tier (Integer)
        • Sub Map of
        • Background image file
      • Use the Orion Custom Properties to create a structure and populate with cross reference data which ties each of the three primary element types (Nodes, Interfaces and Volumes) to a map listed in the other data source
      • Use a base template .orionMap file and programatically insert the necessary structure.
        • This is straightforward for the header but not so when you get into the graphmanager section


      If anyone has any suggestions or if there is any information on this being added to the SDK, all information would be gratefully received.