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    How can I track a days worth of total bandwidth usage?

    Mark Mattix

      I've been trying to figure this out for a while now... I have setup SNMP with Solarwinds NPM to gauge the bandwidth over a link using the OID,

      iso.org.dod.internet.mgmt.mib-2.interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifOutOctets &

      iso.org.dod.internet.mgmt.mib-2.interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifInOctets but these seem to only show the current bandwidth utilization at the time of polling the device. I want this information but I also need to know the total amount of bandwidth traversing over a link for an entire day.


      I'm trying to gauge the amount of bandwidth used for a server that's continually replicating to a backup server. So I would like to know the amount of data that was transferred for the entire day and also the maximum load amount during that time. Is NPM somehow capable of providing this information or will something like a SPAN port on my 2960 switch to a monitoring software be required?


      Also, I don't have NTA but would this program be capable of providing this information of a days or weeks worth of total data sent over a link? I know Netflow isn't supported on 2960 switches so I would need something like Nprobe as well.



      Thanks for any advice!  -Mark

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          You can do this with the built in reports with NPM. In the web interface, under the reports section, drop down the 'Historical Traffic Reports' section and you'll see some options there. If you're monitoring the specific switch port that the server is plugged into, you'll be able to see the total bandwidth that went across that link for a given period of time. You could also customize the report with Report Writer.


          The only downside to this, which may not even matter to you, is that you won't get any details on the type of traffic or where it's going (this is where NTA comes into play). It'll just give you a straight total of bandwidth (sent, received, total).


          hope that helps!

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            Hi Mark,

            Just to expand a bit more on Callahans answer. I agree with him in that you can get the total traffic handled by the switch port in NPM. If you want further detail then a SPAN port off the 2960 can be a great resource for getting more info.


            One is to use nprobe as you mention and this will convert the SPAN traffic into flow data which can be processed by NTA. This flow data can be used to report on total traffic, source, destination and port numbers in use. Very useful for figuring out where the data is coming from in the first place.


            You could then take it a step further with a tool that can perform deep packet inspection of the SPAN traffic. We have a product called LANGuardian which integrates with NPM (and other Orion products) to give further detail like what files or web pages are been accessed. You can see an example of this at the link below. Note that this demo is only showing one hours worth of data but it can be configured to report days\weeks or what ever time period you want.



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              a script that can send an sms (message by phone) during an alert
              I do not use and I can not use the software Orion NCM Web Console Is there another solution that allows you to do what I seen

              Can you give me more information on Solarwinds Alert Manager (win32 app) on the use of script and receiving sms message by phone thank you


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                Mark Mattix

                Thanks for the information Callahan. This probably sounds bad but just until a few days ago I didn't realize the Report Writer and UnDP existed! You can imagine my frustration of going through the web console trying to figure out how to ping a new device... I read over documentation and not sure why this wasn't more apparent to me.


                darragh.delaney, thank you for this info and link. I may be interested in LANGuardian and NTA once I have more time to verify the availability of NetFlow on my network.